Return Conveyors for Rip Saws Doucet BTRS

  • Specifications


    Receiving module 60" long that is suitable for boards up to 96" long


    Receiving module 84" long that is suitable for boards up to 144" long


    Receiving module 120" long that is suitable for boards up to 192" long

    All models feature a return rollers are 12" wide; their length is proportionate to the length of your moulder

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The BTRS Return Conveyor is specially designed for use with Straight Line Rip Saws and Gang Rip Saws. They are available in four models BTRS-68, 69, 70 and 71, with various widths and length, to suit most ripping applications.


  • Operating Principle: upon detection of the end of board, the receiving rollers retract and the board is carried to the return rollers by transfer belts
  • The receiving and return conveyor are adjustable 40 to 120 ft/min
  • The belt transfer speed is fixed at 180 ft/min
  • BTRS-69 and BTRS-70 feature canted return rollers
  • Individually driven, high quality, PVC rollers
  • 5' long receiving conveyor
  • Perpendicular belt transfer with a vertical movement, actuated by a pneumatic cylinder
  • Motorized return rollers of varying widths and lengths


  • Additional length of receiving conveyor, transfer and return conveyor
  • Additional length of return conveyor length
  • Main module on caster mounting
  • Quick release disconnect on caster mounting for the return section

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