Sawhorse Brackets Centurion 92-810


Lately, the Boss told us that there was a time when, to hire good carpenters, construction site supervisors asked the candidates to make a pair of sawhorses within a specific time. Only those who had built the best pair were hired.

Today, who would dare make sawhorses? The market is flooded with multiple models made out of wood, plastic and metal. Some are small, some are big, others are foldable, etc. Owning a pair of sawhorses has become almost a necessity, even if used only occasionally, because they are very convenient when comes time to perform some work at height (painting, tapestry), or to make an homemade workbench for cutting, assembling, completing a job or when used as a side table at a party.

Very often, we get upset because we do not have the right width, length or height. Centurion® offers these sawhorse brackets made of light resistant polycarbonate which allow you to build sawhorses adapted to your particular needs. Simply follow these 5 steps:

1 - Cut four 2"x 4" legs according to the required height (12", 24", 36" or +)

2 - Determine the ideal width for the top and the desired length. This can be a 2"x 4" or x 6", x 8", x 10" or even x 12" that you will cut according to the required length (36", 42", 48", 60" and even +)

3 - Bore a 5/16"dia hole at each end of the top and countersink them 1/8" deep with a 3/4"dia drill bit to sit the bolt head inside to get a flat surface

4 - Assemble each bracket to the top and, at the same time, insert the two legs with the wedge and securely tighten the wing nut

 5 - Cut and fix a crossbar on the two legs at each end for more stability

The end result will be sturdy sawhorses designed specifically for your needs that you can easily knock down for transport or storage.

Simply adapt them for your project!

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