Sliding Table Saw Altendorf WA-80X

  • Specifications

    Technical Data

    Sliding Table Cutting Lengths

    Maximum cutting lengths when using clamping shoe or crosscut fence

    Table length (mm)     2250    3000    3200    3400    3800  4300

    Cutting length (mm)       2155     2905    3105    3305    3705  4205

    Maximum Saw Blade Protrusion

    With or without scoring saw blade

    Saw blade diameter (mm)     250        300            315             350            400            450*

    Saw blade protrusion 90° (mm       0 – 50    0 –75        0 – 82         0 –100        0 –125      13 –150

    Saw blade protrusion 45° (mm)       0 – 33    0 – 50       0 – 56         0 –70          0 –87          6 –103

    *the scoring saw blade must be removed

    Cutting Widths: 800,1000, 1300mm

    Machine Weight: à partir de 1000 kg

    Table Height : 910mm

    Electrical Power Requirements1

    Motor (kW)                                                                      4                                   5,5                                    7,5

    Voltage (V)                                                               380 – 420                       380 – 420                         380 – 420

    Frequency (Hz)                                                              50                                   50                                    50

    Current (A) without/with scorer                                  7,5 / 9,5                       11,5 / 13,5                       15,5 / 17,5

    Fuse/circuit breakers (A)                                                                      25                                   25                                   25

    Dust Extraction Connections

    Top connection:                      Ø = 80 mm

    Bottom connection :               Ø = 120 mm

    Pressure drop :                      1200 Pa pour raccordement général, Ø = 140 mm

    Minimum air requirement :      Vmin = 1110 m3/h à 20 m/sec.

    1) The cross section of the mains cable depends on the machine’s distance from the power source and must be determined by a qualified electrician (Power drop in the input cable ≤ 3 %). Please contact your Altendorf sales partner if your power supply does not match the requirements shown. Workstation noise level 85.2 dB(A).

  • Delivery & Returns



The Altendorf WA 80: Quality made in Germany.

The Altendorf WA 80 can take on any cutting challenge you can present it with, whatever material you want to cut, whether wood, plastic or non ferrous metal. With its well thought out design and robust build quality, it makes light work of simple but precise squaring cuts through to complex angles. Completely designed, developed and assembled in Germany, the machine sets a new benchmark for sliding table saws in terms of price and quality. The Altendorf WA 80 is a pleasure to work with, cut for cut, day after day.

Eye-level operating panel: All major control functions are always visible. The panel pivots into the most convenient position and is accessible from both sides of the machine. Adjustment of both the saw blade and the rip fence are motorised.

Saw blade protrusion: The WA 80 saw blade protrusion is 150 mm (saw blade diameter 450 mm). This results in a greater cutting height when crosscutting or square cutting and also when angle cutting with the saw blade tilted.

CNC rip fence: The CNC rip fence has a traverse speed of 250 mm/sec. and an accuracy of +/−1/10 mm. The high precision five-point recirculating ball spindle system needs little maintenance and, along with the motor, is well protected by its integration into the aluminium profile. The fence automati- cally recognizes the position it’s in, especially when it reaches the danger area around the saw blade. It has an emergency cut-out to prevent the risk of crushing.

Crosscut fence with fixed 90° angle: The crosscut fence with fixed 90° angle allows precision cuts on workpieces of different lengths and formats. The fence can be easily slid from the front to back position without lifting. The basic specification includes stops to 3 200 mm, adjustable using the graduated scale. A crosscut fence to 2500 mm is avail- able as an option, but only in conjunction with a 2250 mm sliding table.

Altendorf saw unit: Smooth-running and powerful. The Altendorf saw unit is the engineer- ing heart of all our saws. It is a powerhouse produced with the latest manufacturing technology. The saw shaft runs incredibly smoothly: this is because it is electronically balanced as a fully assembled unit, and extensive use is made of cast components. The high-precision vertical movement of the unit is linear with maintenance-free guide bearings. The robust tilt quadrants incorporate the traditional Altendorf tongue and groove connection system, which allows the whole unit to tilt easily and precisely to exactly the correct angle. The basic specification includes a 4 kW (5.5 HP) main motor with one sawshaft speed. A 5.5 kW (7.5 HP) or a 7.5 kW (10 HP) motor are available as options with three speeds 3/4/5 000 rpm

Sliding table: The Altendorf sliding table is renowned for its smooth and exact running. This is one of the hallmarks of an Altendorf, and it all comes down to design: the table runs on large dumbbell rollers sandwiched between hard chromed guide bars, guaranteeing absolute precision. The system’s large rollers ensure smooth action, meaning the table takes less effort to move and glides as securely as if it were on rails. This quality running will endure decades of heavy load bearing in the constant presence of dust and chips, and it needs virtually no maintenance. Each time the table moves, the brush fitted to the upper part automatically cleans the round guide bars. The system operates without any lubrication. The table’s hollow multi-chamber aluminium extrusion guarantees optimal torsion resistance and rigidity.

Scoring unit with motorised adjustment: The scorer prevents chipping out on the underside of laminated panels. The rise and fall is motorised, the lateral adjustment manual. When the scoring blade is switched on, the scorer moves to the height stored. When either the main or scoring blade is switched off, the scorer moves back under the table. The scorer has an independent 0.75kW (1 HP) motor and turns at 8200 rpm.


On /off switches on sliding table: The practical option. The on /off switches are always right where you need them, at the end of the sliding table. The four keys switch both the main and scoring blades on and off. This option allows you to load a large workpiece before switching the machine on, thus improving safety and convenience. The keys can be operated without you having to switch specially between the machine operating panel and the sliding table switches.

RAPIDO scoring tool: The RAPIDO scoring system makes it easier and quicker to adjust the cutting width to match that of the main blade. How quick? About three minutes, max! Compared to working with shims, where you have to take the blade off the machine to alter its width, the RAPIDO saves at least ten minutes, as the blade stays on the machine during adjustment. Adjustment is continuous so the RAPIDO can be fine-tuned to match any main blade. Adjustment range: 2.8 – 3.8 mm, Ø= 120 mm.

DIGIT X: A digital cutting width display for the rip fence with manual fine adjust- ment. This electronic measuring system guarantees rapid, precise adjustment of the rip fence. DIGIT X also offers repeat accuracy: the fence can be moved and then returned to exactly where it was previously. The system is immune to both wear and dust. Dimensions are corrected automatically when the fence is changed from the upright to the flat position. Available cutting widths: 800 mm, 1000 mm or 1300 mm.

Crosscut fence DIGIT L:For 1/10 mm accuracy when setting the length dimension. The display shows all stop settings at the same time, and allows calibration of all stops in one operation.

Crosscut-mitre fence: This patented Altendorf fence, with integral length compensation, can make both square cuts and mitre cuts. The mitre angle can be adjusted continuously over a range of 49° with a graduated scale and the robust, free- sliding zero-play flip stops can be positioned individually at any distance up to a maximum of 3 500 mm. The outer stop docks into the roller-stabilised telescopic extension for distances longer than about 1700 mm. When cutting mitres, length compensation means measurements to the stops are accurate whatever the angle. Simply slide the fence to the desired angle, line up the pointer with the same angle on the length compen- sation scale, then set the flip stop to the length required.

Crosscut-mitre fence with DIGIT L and DIGIT LD: For 1/10 mm accuracy when setting the length dimension. The display shows all stop settings applied. The central measuring and display unit calibrates the entire system in one operation. High-capacity batteries and a charger are included. The DIGIT LD also displays the angle digitally, enabling a level of precision of +/−1/100°. The length dimension is calculated automatically as a function of the mitre angle. With integral length compensation. Including two flip stops and fine adjustment.

One-sided mitre fence: The one-sided mitre fence enables precise cutting of mitres. It is easy to set and can be positioned on the sliding table with the minimum of effort.

DUPLEX double-sided mitre fence: DUPLEX fences make it possible to cut any angle between 0 and 90° very quickly and exactly. At 45°, the mitre can be cut on both sides of the workpiece without having to adjust the fence. The dimen- sions are set using a magnifying glass, measuring scale and length compensation scale. The fence can be positioned any- where along the length of the sliding table. It is also available as DUPLEX D, with a digital display of the angles which calculates the values to an accuracy of 1/100°. Allows for crosscutting to 1350 mm or 2150 mm.

DUPLEX DD: An exclusive Altendorf development, the DUPLEX DD has been patented worldwide. The high precision DUPLEX DD electronics incorporate automatic length compensation and calculate the distance to the stops as a function of the angle on both sides of the fence and display both figures digitally. Checking of measurements, complicated calculations and test cuts are all unnecessary. Allows for crosscutting to 1350 mm or 2150 mm.

Parallelogram cross slide: Accurate and wear-free, this system features a robust 90° locking mechanism that ensures the right-angle position is absolutely repeatable. The fence can be angled by up to 47° in either direction. The integrated digital display shows the angle with an accuracy of 1/100° for optimal precision. Also included is length compensation, which is simply set using a scale when the fence is angled. Stops to 3500 mm.

Parallelogram cross slide with DIGIT L and DIGIT LD: Developed for the new parallelogram cross slide, this display unit (90 mm diagonal) shows the distance to all stops digitally at the same time. Length compensation is straight- forward once the fence has been set to the required angle. The fine adjustment of the distance to the stops is accurate to 1/10 mm and the angle is displayed as in the standard parallelogram cross slide. This reduces time. The batteries can be recharged using the charger provided. The DIGIT LD displays the angle digitally, enabling a level of precision of +/−1/100°. The length dimension is calculated automatically as a function of the mitre angle. Including two flip stops.

PALIN: Long narrow workpieces can be cut parallel or into a conical shape with absolute accuracy using the PALIN fence. As the fence itself is flush with the sliding table in the vertical plane and the workpiece is laid sideways against the stop, there is no reduction in cutting length and workpieces of differing lengths can be cut without moving the fence up and down the sliding table. With the measuring system removed, the fence acts as an additional workpiece support. Also available in digital form as PALIN D.

Manual quick-action clamp: The manual clamp can be easily positioned on the sliding table and is equally easy to fix. The workpiece is then firmly secured on the table and held firmly against the crosscut fence. This provides extra safety at very little extra cost.

STEG – second support on the sliding table: Enlarges support area (width: 400 mm) for wider workpieces. Makes it much easier to size large panels.

Infeed support roller: The 300 mm-wide infeed support roller is particularly useful when cutting longer workpieces against the rip fence. It folds away under the sliding table (minimum length 3000 mm) when not required.

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