Square N Tape Marking Square Fastcap 00113


If you sometimes do rough construction, you may want to reduce, even eliminate the back and forth of marking or measuring with your tape, returning it to your tool belt and then drawing a line with your square. FastCap innovates once again in offering a handy plastic square that you can attach to a 16' or 25' tape measure.

The Square N Tape is 3" wide and has a pre-applied self-adhesive disc to affix on a tape measure. This all-in-one tool encompasses many features like:

  • Notch at 3-½" to get a 2"x4" cut out of a board.
  • Notch at 1-½" to get a 2"x2" cut out of a board.
  • Marks at 1-½" for single stud layout.
  • Marks at 3" wide square for double stud layout.
  • Marks angles at 22.5°, 45° and 90°.
  • Has a white erasable notepad on the front.

The Square N Tape can be fixed to most of tapes but it may need some modifications depending of the size or the brand and the use of hot glue.

For sure, this small device has the potential to be a real time-saver for the construction guys.

** The measuring tape is sold separately **

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