Super-Skip Scroll Sawblades Pegas®

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(12) #2 "Super-Skip" Scroll Sawblades Pegas 90.582
(12) #7 "Super-Skip" Scroll Sawblades Pegas 90.587
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Those who own a scroll saw already know the versatility of this little marvel. It can handle fretwork, inlay and marquetry and it will cut a fine kerf in a wide range of materials.


What is unique here, the little blade is just as important as the machine. Because the blade sizes vary in thickness and width and considering the intricacy of some patterns and the thickness and the hardness of wood, only experience will help to get the right compromise between smoothness, speed and durability.


Among all the fantastic creatures of the Greek mythology, Pegasus (Pégas®) is one of the most known. This winged divine horse responsible for bringing lightning and thunder was chosen to represent these scroll saw blades considered among the finest in the world.


  • Manufactured in Switzerland (since 1966) from high quality carbon steel, Pégas® uses a proven fabricating process that creates long lasting durable blades
  • The edge is initially machined which provides precise and rigid teeth and warrants high quality cuts
  • The special thermic treatment carried out to each blade after machining the teeth allows to achieve the highest hardness possible and guarantees toughness and optimum flexibility
  • Pégas® blades share the same universal codification used in woodworking and each pack contains one dozen blades.

Add a bit of legend to your artwork!

Use the new Pegas® Super-Skip Sawblade when you want to achieve a smooth finish from an aggressive blade. Specially designed for hard and medium-hardwoods, Super-Skip also works perfectly on Acrylic with a reduced speed. The spaces between the teeth of the SuperSkip blade are wider than the normal skip-tooth configuration. This enables the blade to cut very quickly, leaving a smooth finish. The surface sawdust is whisked away and the edge remains clean.Recommandées pour les bois durs, mi-durs, le corian et les plastiques

  • Recommanded for hardwoods, medium hardwoods, corian and plastics
  • Usable for softwoods and plywood
  • Not recommanded for ferrous metals, brass, copper and aluminum
Code Universal # Blade Thick Blade Width Number of teeth per inch TPI Cutting Trace Surface Finish Underside Finish
90.582 2 0.30mm 0.78mm

6.3 Z/cm

0.33mm Excellent Good
90.587 7 0.40mm 1.24mm 4.4 Z/cm 0.45mm Excellent  Good

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