Table Mounted 12" / 14" Blade Cover Centurion 12215


In the past, table saw ”guards“ consisted of a built-in three-in-one device (splitter+anti-kickback fingers+hood). Because it was inseparable, they were considered restrictive and inconvenient and were often hung on the wall of the workshop.

Nowadays, table saw protectors have greatly improved. They are now provided with independent riving knife and anti-kickback mechanism which may be left on the table when one needs to remove the blade cover. However, only few are equipped with suitable dust collection outlet.

Centurion is offering this sturdy telescopic blade cover which provides an excellent barrier to user’s hands and effective dust collection capability as well. The set consists of 3 elements:

    1. A blade cover made of a metal frame with translucent panels. Its size is 16-½"(420mm) long x 3-½"(90mm) wide and it can accommodate a 10"(250mm) dia blade.
    2. A solid boom made of 2 metal tubes: One 3"dia middle tube that is equipped with a steel arm to support the blade cover. A 3"dia clear flexible hose is included to connect the hood directly to the tube. One 4"dia elbow main tube in which the middle tube moves. The telescopic function allows a 30"(760mm) travel thus offering a 66"(1675mm) clearance to the right of the blade. The space between the tube and the table top is 13-½"(340mm). At the other end, a 4"dia suction hose can be attached.
    3. A 23-½"long x 3-¾"high boom support designed to be bolted on the side of the table saw extension. It is provided with an adjustable tubular leg to floor level and 2 metal braces designed to stabilize the boom and keep the main tube parallel to the saw table.
  • Suspended over the blade, the blade cover does not cling to materials like most protectors. It allows a 5"(127mm) high clearance above the table and can be locked in place according to the need
  • No need to remove it when you want to rip narrow pieces or make rabbet or dado cuts
  • It’s 3"dia dust-extraction hose provides effective performance. No dust escapes from under the cover
  • The boom can pivot on itself to the far right to make room for tall workpieces or jigs.
  • For oversized work that could require more space than usual, the whole unit can easily be removed and quickly be dropped back into place. Total weight is 55 lb (25kg)

An economic response to the safety requirements!



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