Zeta P2 Cordless Milling Mach. Diam + Syst Lamello 101801USSD

$2,880.00 $2,995.00

Discover the New Lamello Zeta P2 cordless milling machine!

The cordless Zeta P2 combines precision and versatility in creating strong joints and is compatible with the wide selection of P-System profile groove connectors developed by Lamello.

With its 2 4.0 Ah batteries included, it provides greater freedom of execution, whether machining large pieces in the workshop or on the move at the construction site. Additionally, it is equipped with a diamond blade that provides greater blade durability in materials with high glue content and abrasive material.

The vertical mechanical drive is the centrepiece of the machine and the key element of the P-System. During the milling process, vertical mechanical drive performs a lateral movement to obtain a profile groove. This innovative grooving technique reduces work time and allows for flawless joints without glue or screws.

The Zeta P2 can also be employed as a standard biscuit joiner for original biscuits by simply deactivating the profile groove function and changing to a 4mm blade.

The set includes the following accessories:

  • 2x 18v 4.0 Ah LiHD batteries
  • ASC 55 battery charger
  • P-System drilling jig with drill bit
  • Stop square fence
  • 7mm Diamond blade (installed on the machine)
  • 2 & 4mm fence spacers
  • 36mm suction stub
  • Dust bag
  • T-Loc Systainer SYS3

The powerful P-System biscuit joiner for cordless freedom!

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