1/4" shelf pin jig Kreg KMA3200


In the industry, drilling shelf pin holes has never been a problem because of the wide range of automatic equipment available. However, the story is rather different for the cabinetmaker. Thanks to a little ingenuity, several develop their homemade jig made of a wooden board, but this never lasts long.

For those looking for simple solutions, this jig designed by Kreg for shelf pins will do the job.

  • Compact and easy to use, drilling in line holes is quicker, more accurate and saves you time.
  • 6 Hardened steel drill guides which ensure precise and straight 90° drilling thus eliminating bit wobble.
  • Light ultra-resistant polycarbonate construction with standard 32mm European stylehole spacing.
  • Removable dual position adjustable fence for custom drilling at 1"(25mm) or 2"(50mm) distances from the edge
  • Includes an ultra-sharp 1/4” brad-point bit with hexagon shank and depth collar (5mm bit available separately for European style).
  • Handy jig extender available to connect multiple shelf pin jigs together.
  • Locating pin for fast and accurate spacing reference.
  • Because of the built in storage for locating pin, drill bit and depth collar, no case is necessary.


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