Flexible Template 1,2m x 12mm CMT TMP1200


Working with a router or a shaper is always pleasant. But for most cabinetmakers, making curved mouldings may become a real challenge. To help face this challenge, we are offering this flexible template that can be used to create easily and rapidly almost any kind of forms, arcs and curved elements.

  • Made of highly-resistant flexible plastic, the template can be tied in knot without any risk. There is no need to jigsaw, plane or sand. This effective device allows finishing the job in one simple cut 
  • With dimensions of 47-1/4"(1200mm) long x 15/32"(12mm) wide x 15/32"(12mm) high with 4"(100mm) minimum radius, this model is preferably used with a router. 
  • Whether you want to profile directly your original piece or to make your own master jig for duplication, the way of using it is similar: 
    • First one traces the desired pattern directly on the underside of the panel.
    • Then one simply screws the flexible template on the panel.
    • Finally, using a flush trimming router bit or ball bearing shaper head, one routs or shapes the blank even to the flexible template. 

As flexible as the Boss? Hum... 

For shaper use, other models available upon request:

CMTTMP1000  with 39-3/8"(1000mm) long x 23/32"(18mm) wide x 23/32"(18mm) high with 6"(150mm) minimum radius

CMTTMP2000 with 78-3/4"(2000mm) long x 23/32"(18mm) wide x 23/32"(18mm) high with 6"(150mm) minimum radius


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