1000 / 300 Grit Diamond Stone & Honing Guide Kit Trend DWSKITB


Ideal for sharpening and maintenance of plane blades, chisels, TCT or HSS router bits, kitchen and hunting knives, this kit has everything a beginner may need to grind, hone and polish tools. It will provide a highly polished, sharp cutting edge with less time and effort compared to conventional methods.

This complete diamond whetstone honing and polishing kit contains:

  • One 8" (200 mm) x 3" (75 mm) x 1/4" (6,5 mm) double sided 1000 grit fine (15 micron) / 300 grit coarse (50 micron) monocrystalline diamond bench stone. It is ideal for flattening chisels and plane blades as well as achieving a shaving edge in seconds. 1000 grit side prevents snagging on smaller tools and provides a honing finish suitable for carving tools. Designed to allow fast and clean stock removal, the 300 grit side is perfect for the flattening of Japanese stones.
  • One honing guide which ensures that correct angle is maintained on chisels and plane irons when used with diamond whetstone. Its selfcentering clamping jaws accept chisels from 3/8 inch (10 mm) to 1-1/4 (32 mm) and plane irons up to 2-3/8 inch (60 mm) wide by 9/32" (7 mm) thickness. An angle setting device pre-set for 25, 30, 35 and 40 degrees is also included.
  • One 3.4 oz (100 ml) bottle of diamond abrasive lapping fluid suitable for use with all quality diamond abrasive products. Used instead of water to reduce the threat of rusting by 95% and improves diamond performance.
  • One 6.4 oz (100 gr) micro fine honing compound bar used to polish sharpened cutting edges.
  • One leather strop used to get the final polish.
  • One heavy duty fabric tool pouch to store the diamond stone.
  • One non-slip mat.
  • One cleaning block.
  • James Barry's Sharpening Made Easy DVD and sharpening booklet.

Boss’ Secret: Do not apply unnecessary pressure; let the diamond do the work !

The perfect kit for beginners !

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