MiteriX Angle Duplicator Bora 530401


As soon as he saw the new 'BORA' brand, the Boss began immediately to dream of Bora Bora...

Known as the Pearl of the Pacific, Bora Bora is a volcanic island born out of the waters 3 million years ago. Surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and a coral reef, this is where we find the famous stilt houses in which one can admire the seabed through the glass floor. No wonder both the BOSS and so many travellers dream of being there! From now on, the name BORA will not have the same meaning for you either.

In the woodworking field, BORA is synonymous with efficiency and effectiveness. Its wide range of products is designed to help you work smarter and get better organized.

In carpentry, getting precise angles is not so easy because we often measure freehand. In order to turn complex miters into simple cuts and save hours of frustration, Bora has come up with the MiteriX angle duplicator specifically designed to ensure that your miter cuts are at the perfect angle.

Simple to use, you will get an accurate miter cut every time in only 3 steps: 

1-Use the MiteriX to precisely measure an angle on a piece of furniture or in a corner in a room

2-Once done, lock the angle and remove the wing from the body

3-Then place the MiteriX on your miter saw and set the angle. This will ensure you cut it right the first time

  • Measures inside and outside angles from 0-180 degrees. Just divide the angle in half for a perfect miter
  • Can also work for table saw miter gauge setting
  • Collapsible and foldable for easy storage in your tool box
  • Built to last, it has a lifetime warranty and will be a mainstay in your workshop for years

ProTool Reviews Innovation Awards Winner

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