Sliding Table Panel Saw Series Hand Guard Altendorf


HANDGUARD: Making the best even safer with the world’s first certified optical system for sliding table saws!

The Handguard Sliding table saw protects a most valuable asset for the woodworker – his hands! Its unique early detection system with two cameras prevents accidents before coming into contact with the blade. Handguard is suitable for all saw blades and materials, and can be used almost immediately again after stopping and all that without damaging materials or machinery.

The Handguard provides more safety, the highest productivity and intelligent technology

  • Due to the intelligent technology and the early recognition system, it is also suitable for higher feed rates or faster hand movements up to 2m/sec.
  • The controlled downward movement in less that a quarter of a second, protects the operator, the machine, the saw blade and the workpieces.
  • Works with all materials: wood, plastics, aluminum, and wet timber.
  • Ready for use again in 10 seconds after triggering.

There can be no two ways about it when it comes to the highest level of safety. But there is one system: HAND GUARD. The unique, two-camera early-recognition system not only protects your employees, but also safeguards your jobs and your cost estimation.





  • HANDGUARD WITH ELMODRIVE Control technology without equal.
    • This control comes with a 12″ touch screen, which you can use to call up all functions. In the lower part of the screen you can store regularly used functions (desktop function). It also has even more application technology – discover the calculator, geometric shapes, pen cutting and advanced tool management functions. The ElmoDrive is the only control where the connection of a cutting optimisation is possible.
  • Optical Safety System with Swing Away Camera Arm
    • Two cameras collect data for hand recognition from a wide space around the saw blade. As soon as intruding hands are detected there, the sawing unit is quickly lowered and quickly stopped within a quarter of a second.
  • Main motor power with VARIO drive for one-way tilt 5.5kw (7.5 HP)
    • This drive offers infinitely variable speed control between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm. Matching speed precisely to the material increases not just cutting quality, but also the service life of your saw blades, which, in turn, helps to reduce your costs.
  • Motorized rise/fall and tilt adjustment (0 - 46°) with automatic cutting height correction when saw blade tilted
  • Eye-level control unit, swivel mounted
  • Sliding table 3200mm
  • Digital or CNC Rip fence
  • Crosscut fence
  • Manual or digital measurement readings.
  • Saw blade projection
    • Maximum saw blade projection 150 mm, maximum saw blade diameter 450 mm

Advanced options

  • Two way tilt up to 46° to either side
  • Rapido scoring system
  • Two axes scoring unit
  • Sliding table mounted on/off switches
  • LED illumination
  • Manual, pneumatic or vacuum clamping systems
  • Crosscut mitre fences with manual or digital measurement readings.
  • Digital or CNC motorized rip fence
  • And many others

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