Regular 3D Pushblock Microjig GR-100

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Cutting small stock on a table saw calls for caution and patience because you need your two hands to control the pieces. This is

particularly dangerous when one wants to cut narrow strips or thin material. Because one needs to push and support the workpiece

between the blade and the fence, push block and push stick are often both required in order to avoid kick back and severe injury.

For Professionals, this might not be a big issue; but for DIYers, risky cuts mean DANGER and this is why MICROJIG has developed

GRR-RIPPER which is a 3D-Pushblock® that offers control, precision, speed and safety.

  • Designed to be used with a table saw or a router table, it is also useful with a bandsaw or a jointer.
  • Helps keep your hands out of the path of the tool.
  • Keeps the kerf open and prevents kick back.
  • Supports and pushes the workpiece on both side of the blade.
  • Provides the control needed to cut well and safe.
  • Allows non-stop cutting thus avoiding burn marks.
  • Standard for common use 
  • Fully adjustable, it allows to maintain parts of different widths and thicknesses.
  • Detailed instructions and video included.
  • Perhaps the safest way before buying a SawStop.

Save fingers, buy GRR-RIPPER !


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