GearKlamp Bar Clamps Bessey GK

Starts at $29.00

How many times have you had to deal with situations where the handle of your clamp got in the way? The Boss has experienced this situation several times and his vocabulary was rather colorful when his fingers were squeezed between the handle and the side of a cabinet.

At Bessey, they not only know how to innovate, but they can also invent. In this case, it seems that they have had a great idea by repositioning the handle of the mobile jaw around the rail.

  • The new Bessey GearKlamps are simply one of a kind because they are equipped with a patented gear mechanism which separates the spindle from the rail-mounted handle
  • Compact design provides greater clearance particularly into confined spaces
  • 2-3/8" (60mm) throat depth makes them ideal for tight spots
  • Swivelling jaw has a protective pad and moves up to ¾"(20mm)
  • Twisting the ergonomic handle will provide 450 lbs (2000N) clamping force
  • A quick release button is located near the handle. Just press with the thumb and slide the moveable jaw wherever you want
  • Made of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide and tempered steel rail, they are both light and very sturdy
  • Available in 4 lengths:

BESGK15       GEARKLAMP   6"(150mm) bar clamp

BESGK30       GEARKLAMP 12"(300mm) bar clamp

BESGK45       GEARKLAMP 18"(450mm) bar clamp

BESGK60       GEARKLAMP 24"(600mm) bar clamp


Suggestion from the Boss: Plan on buying even numbers (2 or 4...) in order to avoid any inconveniences.

A “Big” clamp for small spaces!

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Clamping Force
1100 lb
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