REVO JR Parallel Clamps Bessey KRJR

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In order to meet the growing demand from home hobbyists, Bessey has introduced on the market a lighter version of its REVO™ clamp. Commonly called Junior (JR), this middle size version provides the same parallel clamping results as the REVO KR version, but with somewhat lesser capacities. 

  • Jaws have 5"(125mm) x 1-1/2"(40mm) clamping surface and are equipped with protective pads for the clamping of delicate pieces
  • Jaws provide 3-1/4"(80mm) clamping depth as well as an equal parallel clamping on their entire surface
  • Jaws also allow side and back rail clamping for multiple applications
  • Made from reinforced polyamide, they are shocks, glues, lacquers and solvent-resistant
  • The clamping jaw is fitted with a wooden handle that allows maximum torque
  • A removable end stop allows to keep the clamp in place on a flat surface while avoiding the accidental release of the clamping jaw
  • The 1"(25mm) wide x 3/16"(5mm) thick rail allows clamping pressures up to 900 lbs over lengths ranging from 12"(300mm) to 50"(1250mm)
  • A pair of movable polyamide brackets slides along the rail to prevent direct contact between the rail and the workpiece thus preventing annoying stains
  • The clamping jaw can be removed and reversed turning the clamp from the clamping mode to the spreader mode

Available in 5 lengths:

BESKRJR12   REVO JR - 12"(300mm) parallel clamp

BESKRJR18   REVO JR - 18"(450mm) parallel clamp

BESKRJR24   REVO JR - 24"(600mm) parallel clamp

BESKRJR36   REVO JR - 36"(900mm) parallel clamp

BESKRJR50   REVO JR - 50"(1250mm) parallel clamp *

*That dimension goes beyond the standards of shipping by post or courier. Additional charges may apply.

Suggestion from the Boss: Plan buying even number (2 or 4...) in order to avoid any inconveniences.

Bessey : Simply better!

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