Steel Bar Clamps Bessey IBEAM

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For many decades, Normand has imported the popular orange clamps made by Adjustable Clamp Company, an American company more than a century old (1903). Better known under the Jorgensen® and Pony® brands, their clamps were considered as 'The Standard' in North America.

Deemed to be workhorses, their steel bar clamps could be found in most workshops. They were rigid, powerful and affordable. Unfortunately, the company failed to adapt to the new millennium market rules and was forced to shut down.

It is with a bit of pride that Bessey takes over to provide the Canadian market a whole new steel bar clamp that takes into account certain original features that made the Jorgensen® clamp famous, however adapted to today’s new technologies. The result is quite surprising:

  • Heavy duty 1-3/8" x 7/16"(35mm x 11mm) steel bar clamp for straight and powerful clamping (7000 lbs load cap.)
  • Durable I-Beam construction that provides exceptional stiffness to avoid twisting and bending
  • Nickel plated rail that resists corrosion
  • 5 strong hardened steel clutch plates to assure optimal grip of the bar
  • 1-3/4"x 2" (45mm x 50mm) powder coated tough ductile cast jaws
  • Large crank handle for easy grip, tremendous strength and long term durabilit
  • 5"long x 9/16"dia ACME threaded screw spindle (3"travel)

Available in 6 lengths:

BESIBEAM24       24" (610mm) Steel bar clamp

BESIBEAM36       36" (915mm) Steel bar clamp

BESIBEAM48       48" (1220mm) Steel bar clamp

BESIBEAM60       60" (1525mm) Steel bar clamp

BESIBEAM72       72" (1830mm) Steel bar clamp

BESIBEAM96       96" (2440mm) Steel bar clamp

Useful hint from the boss: A good starting selection could be 4 x 24 ", 2 x 36", 2 x 48 "and 2 x 72" and if you have more budget, double the quantities. Also, when tightening, it is best to always process in 2 steps: perform a first tightening at 80% then check, correct and complete by a second final tightening.

Say goodbye to Orange and welcome to Red!

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