One Hand Quick Clamps Bessey EZS

Starts at $29.00

Who has never dreamed of having a third hand to work more or better? If this was possible, it is sure that the Boss would have had one transplanted in order to work less...

Backed by more than 130 years of German engineering, Bessey™ partly fulfills this dream by offering these lightweight clamps with exceptional performance that requires only one hand to tighten.

  • Comfortable and well-designed handle that one just squeezes to apply pressure and holds down the trigger to release the clamps
  • Having a 3-½"(90mm) clamping depth, they can develop up to 445 lbs of pressure 
  • They come with large molded plastic pressure pads that will not harm clamped surfaces
  • Thanks to a simple push button release, they can be quickly converted from clamping to spreading thus providing great versatility
  • These clamps will work better and last longer 

Available in 5 different sizes:

                                                              Opening                             Spreading

BESEZS158  Quick Clamp EZS       6" (150mm)                        6-½"- 14" (165 - 355mm)

BESEZS308  Quick Clamp EZS     12" (300mm)                        6-½"- 20" (165 - 510mm)

BESEZS458  Quick Clamp EZS     18" (450mm)                        6-½"- 25-¾" (165 - 655mm)

BESEZS608  Quick Clamp EZS     24" (600mm)                        6-½"- 31-¾" (165 - 780mm)

BESEZS908  Quick Clamp EZS     36" (900mm)                        6-½"- 43-½" (165 - 1115mm)


You won’t need a third hand anymore!

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